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Culinary Knowlege Center

Welcome to the Use First Culinary knowlege center. Here you will find various instructional "how to" articles pertaining to the restaurant industry.

Mastering Salad Dressings

Some tips for garde manger cooks out there tasked with making family meal salad every day. Learn to think outside of recipes for vinaigrettes and creamy salad dressings.

By Thomas Hunke

There’s no recipe required for Mayonnaise

Making an aïoli is something every cook should be able to do without a recipe. I’d even go so far as to argue that aïoli is a mother sauce of the modern restaurant kitchen.

By Thomas Hunke

How To Use A Cake Tester

Ever wonder how professional line cooks make use of cake testers to hit the pass with perfectly cooked proteins every time? Here's everything you need to know to become a ringer on grill.

By Thomas Hunke