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Should I go to Culinary School?

Culinary school can teach you so much about cooking, but it's a mighty questionable value proposition. Is it worth it?

By Thomas Hunke

The Next Big Industry Read Has Arrived

Michael Cecchi-Azzolina’s Your Table Is Ready, Tales of a New York City Maître D’ is here.

By Thomas Hunke

Stock is a necessary touchpoint on the road to culinary enlightenment

The very essence of cooking lies in learning to make use of the mealy bits - the bones, the vegetable trim, the parsley stems. The good news is that making stock is way less complicated than the culinary Gods want you to believe.

By Thomas Hunke

Why I Built Use First

The story behind the genesis of How a New York City line cook used his down time during Covid to try and change the industry for the better.

By Thomas Hunke

What tools should you take on a restaurant trail?

Tips on how to show up for that big first restaurant job interview. First appearances are everything. Make sure you’re not ice-capading around the kitchen in a hairnet in front of your future comrades and other lifesaving tips.

By Thomas Hunke