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About Use First

Use First is a free job board created for those who staff the restaurant industry.

For Restaurateurs and Business Owners:

I know that the staffing needs and workflows of our industry are a bit different from other professions - people come and go quicker, a significant portion of our workforce is non-english speaking, and we don't typically use a traditional interview process for candidate hiring.

With those requirements in mind, UseFirst was built as a bespoke solution for our industry. I proudly offer it as a free service for independent restaurants and small restaurant groups with a guarantee that that won't change.

UseFirst is simple to use - jobs can be posted and taken down with the flip of a switch from your phone while you're working the pass. The app offers tooling to let you review applicants in a lean and efficient format. It also gives you the ability to direct candidates to apply on your existing centralized staffing platform if you are simply looking to bolster your presence across multiple industry job boards. We exist as a service for you and invite your feedback with the goal of making this app exactly what you need to build out your team.

For the Cooks, Servers, Bartenders, Somms, Porters, and others aspiring to work in our field:

I see you and I am one of you. I am currently a line-cook working in fine dining in New York City. I built Use First during a lengthy period of unemployment in the wake of Covid 19 out of frustration over the lack of a centralized resource to go and search for work in our field.

My promise to you is that I will work every day to make this a useful service for you. I will work to get as many employers as possible integrated into the platform. I also promise that your personal information will be kept secure and private. Use First was built to serve you - not to harvest your data or fill your inbox with junk mail.

I would also like to invite you to the table to have a voice in making this app exactly what you need. You should feel empowered at all times to talk to us on how we can make the app do more for you.


Thomas Hunke
Use First LLC