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Hotel Pan

A hotel pan is a metal rectangular pan used to hold food, typically hot food, for restaurant service.

Hotel plans come in a variety of sizes and depths and are designed to fit into steam tables and reach-ins for quick access and substitution.

Hotel pan sizes:
A hotel pan or "full size hotel pan" measures 12 inches by 20 inches.

A half-hotel pan is half the size of a full hotel pan measuring 12" by 10".

A third pan is 1/3 the size of a hotel pan. Three 12" by 6 2/3" third pans will accommodate the same amount of space as a hotel pan in a steam table.

A six pan is one sixth the size of a full hotel pan. Six pans measure 6" inches by 6 2/3".

A nine pan is one ninth the size of a full size hotel pan. An array of 9 hotel pans fit into a steam table in the space of a full size hotel.

The sizes of the pans allow for the use of two rails or bars to be placed in between the rows to reach the size of a full hotel pan. For instance, Three rows of three nine pans with rails separating each row will add up to the 20 inch length of a full size hotel pan.

What is a 400 pan, 600 pan, etc?

An n-hundred pan indicates a full size pan with the depth of n inches. So a 400 pan is a 4 inch deep full size hotel pan. An 800 pan is an 8" deep hotel.

All pans containing food should be labeled with the proper departmenof health label indicating what the item is and the date it was made.

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