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The salamander or "the sally" is a broiler that's usuallly positioned at eye level somewhere on the hot line. It's useful for gently browning toppings (think French onion soup), flashing proteins that were maybe not quite medium rare or heating up food in a more gentle manner than the direct heat of the plancha or the French top or the range.

Salamanders can be intimidating at first because it's a lot of heat coming directly at your face while you work, but a common refrain is "the salamander is your friend". And it is indeed. Once you can kind of intuit how long something needs to be in there for without coming out still cold or scorched, it is very helpful for putting up plates that you and your chef are proud of.

in general everything that goes into the sally does so on a " sizzle" or sizzle tray. Those are the oval or square trays slightly larger than hand size that you can usher into and out of the salamabder or lowboy oven using a combination of your tongs and a dry side towel.
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