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Order In

When a server sends the order in for a table, all of those items from appetizers to entrées and sometimes even desserts are "ordered in".

For the items that need to go to the guest immediately, those are considered to be "order fire". Meaning that the course is ready to be "picked up" by the team of line cooks. Appetizers are generally always order-fire. And thus, their pickup times are generally much shorter than those of entrees.

Sample Usage:

Ticket machine prints a ticket and the expediting chef reads the ticket aloud: "order in 2 bass same table, pork chop well done, burger medium, and a kid's pasta"
Grill cook: "2 bass same table, burger medium order in"
Sauté cook: "Pork chop well done order in"
Pasta cook: "kids pasta order in"
Expediting chef: "Oui"
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