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For The Table

For The Table is a common directive given to waiters and food runners in a restaurant. It means that the menu item or items are to be shared by the whole table as opposed to a single position number. Thanks to the popularity of share plates and tapas, many appetizers and entrées are now intended to be shared. When the server rings in the ticket for the kitchen, the dupe will read “share” or “for the table” under the individual menu items.

When the food is ready at the pass, the expeditor will tell the food runner which items are are assigned to individual position numbers, and which ones are “for the table”.

"Share" can mean that an item is to be shared between two dinners at a table of four. So, "for the table" can be more reliably employed to indicate that an item is to be shared among all of the diners.

Sample usage:

Expediting sous chef: “Hands to the pass, I’ve got food to run”
Food runner “Hands, chef”
Expediting sous chef: “You’re going to table 32, penne position one, salmon position two, artichoke for the table.”
Food runner: “Table 32, Penne one salmon two artichoke share, 32 out.”
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