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Event Chef at Bold Catering & Design

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Event Chef - Bold American Events

Culinary skill

  • Extensive knowledge of all cuisines
  • Ability to read a menu and know the product and ingredients
  • Fully understand timelines and when to proceed with cooking and assembling of each food item
  • How to hold food when needed within safety zones
  • Ability to order each item as to when they will be assembled, fired, and distributed to guest
  • In uniform at all times and has appropriate tools to do the Job. I.e. Knife kit or full Crash kit.
  • Has a good palette and tastes all items before packing them and serving them.
  • Understands food on all levels and can talk intelligently with staff and the guest about what is being served.
  • Does not just read a recipe but knows the techniques in how to achieve the goal the chef and client is trying to reach.
  • Has culinary pride in every food item distributed during an event.


  • In depth understanding of our packet system and has read and re-read through each sheet.
  • The ability to ?walk through? the entire event before you start your day.
  • Can read a BEO and look for any issues that may spring up
  • Double checks list against BEO
  • Required to fill out an event reports after each shift, fully and with consistent feedback
  • Understands all the responsibilities of operating and managing the vehicles
  • Always follows the rules of the road and BOLDs rules of driving a vehicle
  • Must be a licensed driver in good standing
  • Must be able to fill out employee or guest incident and medical reports for corporate
  • Serv safe certified within the last 5 years

Kitchen operations

  • Ability to work in a busy 24 hour operating Kitchen
  • Always be on time.
  • Understands the use and operational procedures of all equipment.
  • Understands how to pull and pack equipment. Using what you need and taking care of what you packed
  • Understands how to pack food. Taking what you need, asking about small upgrades, checking to see if everything is accurate; (taste, quality, quantity, and presentation)
  • Must be clean and organized in all phases of the Job. I.e. loading your party out, set up and breakdown at the venue, and closing the bold kitchen down for the night.
  • Can interact in a positive way with the venue and FOH team closing each night


  • Is an excellent leader and must remain cool and Professional in any situation.
  • Must have the ability to manage from a strong professional and positive attitude from the start of the shift until the end of the shift.
  • has great communication skills
  • Understands how to set up your staff for success, train them if needed, and hold people accountable.
  • Must have the ability to communicate with guests, client, and venue team in a positive and knowledgeable way.
  • Have the ability to assess your team and put them in areas of strength
  • Have great time management skills and is always many steps ahead in case of time line change
  • Ability to handle any crisis in a positive, professional, and knowledgeable way. i.e. guest unhappy, low on food, equipment not working, staffing issues, etc
  • Has the ability to communicate with the sales staff on a regular basis.
  • Must contain a high spirit, winning attitude and high energy motor


  • Has an understanding of the catering business and how it all work together.
  • Properly cares for all food items and brings what can be saved back and is stored and labeled properly.
  • Has the ability to cut staff when appropriate.
  • Understands the cost of the vehicles and equipment that is being used and the importance of taking detailed care of each item.


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