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Event Chef at Bold Catering & Design

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you: are positive, reliable, get real enjoyment out of making your team mates and your guests smile. You like working efficiently and professionally. You are detail oriented (because the details count in special events).?

the company: Bold Catering and Design?is part of the Fifth Group Restaurant family. We have been leading the Atlanta hospitality industry for over 25 years. We offer a professional, respectful work environment, competitive pay, flexible work hours and the opportunity to learn and grow your career.

Culinary skill

  • Extensive knowledge of all cuisines
  • Ability to read a menu and know the product and ingredients
  • Fully understand timelines and when to proceed with cooking and assembling of each food item
  • Extensive knowledge of food safety and temperature safety zones
  • Knowledge and understanding of proper sanitation and glove protocol
  • Has a good palette and tastes all items before packing them and serving them.
  • Understands food on all levels and can talk intelligently with staff and guests about what is being served.
  • Professional appearance, in uniform at all times



  • Required to fill out an event reports after each shift, providing thorough recap of all aspects of the event
  • Provides detailed and?consistent feedback, and proper documentation of any employee and/or guest incidents


Kitchen operations

  • Takes responsibility and care when handling all company equipment
  • Always on time and ready to work.
  • Must be clean and organized in all phases of the job.?



  • Is an excellent leader and must remain professional in any situation.
  • Understands how to set up your staff for success, train them if needed, and hold people accountable.
  • Must have the ability to communicate with guests, client, and venue team in a positive and knowledgeable way.
  • Have the ability to assess your team and put them in areas of strength
  • Have great time management skills?
  • Ability to work with a sense of urgency



Bold Catering & Design

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